LAWRS Latin American Women's Rights Service Lucila Grenada Speaks at UN Women

LAWRS Director Lucila Granada speaks at UN Women

At the UN’s Promoting Gender-Responsive Migration Governance in the implementation of the Global Compact for Migration, LAWRS Director Lucila Granada highlighted the role of civil societies organisations and the importance of providing a space for migrant women and migrant-led women organisations to influence the implementation of the Global Compact for Migration at the national level.

The event was aimed at mobilizing support from UN Member States for a gender-responsive implementation of the Global Compact for Migration, which will contribute to achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all migrant women and girls. Specialist services, women and migrants’ organisations are key to ensure effective responses at national and global level.

Lucila said: ‘In the day-to-day of our work with migrant women, we see that immigration status often plays a part in stories of abuse. Migrant women are silenced by the constant threat of being put in detention centers and the uncertainty about being sent back to the very place where they started their dangerous journey.’

You can watch Lucila’s speech here (min 46:30):