Unit 6

British History and Culture

Lesson aim

This lesson looks at British history, food, music, geography and tourism. You will learn about the suffragettes and the struggle for equal’s rights, great places to visit, and find out that “British” food might be more than fish and chips, baked beans on toast and tea.

Lesson 1

Introduce the topic of the Suffragettes, students should be aware about the lives of people living in other times, their ideas, beliefs, and attitudes towards women. Establish whether the suffragettes helped to get women the vote and women standing up for equal rights. To introduce the past tense regular and irregular verbs.

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Lesson 2

Learn about and understand a past situation and enter into past lives, understand the sequence of events during the Plague and The Great Fire of London read and understand texts, a recap of the past tense. Part two of this lesson gives students the opportunity to find out more about England.

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